Tuesday, March 8, 2011

American League - September 5

Player of the Day: Bill North went 5 for 5 and scored three runs in Oakland's 10-1 victory over the California Angels.

Pitcher of the Day: Bert Blyleven pitched a complete game and earned the win as the Rangers beat the Kansas City Royals.

Things are really goofy in my American League replay. It seems that any game involving the New York Yankees will be spit out with an Fatal Error 37. I decided to play the other games that don't involve the Yankees and try to get as much of the replay in as possible.

I made the mistake of playing the September 6 games before finishing the stats files  for September 5. The boxscores are here, but that's about it. Things will (sort of) get back to normal on September 6 (which happened to be my tenth birthday).

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